A Little Underwhelmed in Delhi

I don’t think anyone we have spoken to has waxed lyrical when describing Delhi…and I don’t think we will either. It’s such a massive city (25 million inhabitants) that it would be absolutely impossible to discover fully in just three days. What I was expecting before we arrived certainly wasn’t what we saw though.

In Old Delhi it was frenetic, dirty and over crowded but around where we were staying it was incredibly gentrified. The streets were clean and the roads were wide and the pavements were well kept and we were able to walk easily around. Further south of us towards India gate and various parks the roads were once again wide and there was actually a fair amount of greenery. I was expecting to spend our time driving through narrow full lanes but instead it was wide roads with seemingly hardly anything around it. To be fair it was all a bit bland and quite unlike anything we had seen in India.

Most places we have visited here have had major sights or attractions to visit but here in Delhi there weren’t any real standouts but we set off to have a look at a few places anyway. First stop was Humayun’s Tomb which has been restored in 2013 and is quite beautiful. Set in a large park with huge trees for people to escape the heat under the whole area was delightful to walk around. It was very calm and tranquil.

A short rickshaw drive away was Gandhi Smriti, the sight where Gandhi was assassinated. It was quite a poignant visit where we got to see where Gandhi spent his last days and then there were footsteps marking his last walk towards his prayer room and a small plain monument marking the point at which he was shot.

It was interesting to note that there was no direct mention of him dying or being killed just that this was the point when he entered martyrdom.

Another short hop through the wide avenues we were at India gate where hundreds of people were once again relaxing and eating street food under the trees. The gate is huge while not being especially impressive and we were thinking of walking down the road about 2 km towards the President’s estate but it was incredibly hot and humid by this point so we headed back towards the hotel.

We had a good hunt around to see if we could find some alternative things to see in Delhi and we discovered a hipster area called Hauz Khas. On arrival the area looked like any other run down street in India but the shops and restaurants were all a lot more upmarket. Sarah was hoping to find some nice different dresses for Kelly’s wedding but unfortunately no luck. We wandered around for a while but the more we looked around the less impressed we were. Once again Delhi left us a little underwhelmed. T

Beautiful colours in this tomb…just one of a few in the grounds of Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun’s Tomb, quite a fantastic building in huge grounds.

I thought we would see a few more of these while in India, but this was the first!  I have a distinct feeling that animal rights activists might well have resulted in this trade’s demise.  The snake did get a couple of good strikes in on the man but was obviously de-fanged.  Still didn’t fancy touching it though.

Gandhi’s last steps and the spot where he reached martyrdom.

Would have been great to get inside this wonderful Lotus Temple but unfortunately it was shut the day we went.

India Gate and the masses.

There were loads of games of cricket going on in the parks surrounding India Gate.

Cooling down in the fountain.

The ring at Connaught Place.  This building basically continues throughout the whole circle.

Queuing at a fantastic hole in the wall curry house…easily one of the best butter chickens we have had.  The regular chicken curry was superb too!

Now that’s how to cook a curry!  Lucky they were wearing the hats otherwise it might have been unhygienic!

Finishing the evening off with some Pan. Umm not tried it yet the combination of red teeth and spitting hasn’t appealed yet!

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