Relaxing in Faku

The plan had been to spend most of our last week enjoying yoga, meditating, relaxing and reflecting on our wonderful time in India. Unfortunately our chosen destination of Rishikesh, although advertised as being perfect for this, was not worth staying in for more than five minutes. So backup plans were hastily drawn up and we were on our way to a small hotel in the hills near Rishikesh.

As we ascended into the hills the temperature dropped and we were soon sat outside our room enjoying a wonderful view over the valley below. To be honest we then spent the next two days sat around a table enjoying the peace and quiet. Problems solved and future adventures planned.

The place was great and our host, Anil was incredibly helpful and we enjoyed plenty of great conversations with him. The rest of the staff couldn’t speak much English but taught us how to play Carom which is a game we will definitely be buying when we return.

We were lucky that our first two nights were during the week and the place was very quiet and peaceful. On our last night the families from Delhi arrived. I am sure that they believe they are being quiet but the noise level went through the roof. There was plenty of shouting and then even more ordering around of staff. We sat and watched in amazement while Anil pumped up the music and they all sat around enjoying their version of a quiet visit to the hills!  

Deciding not to book another night we left on a bus to head towards Haridwar and some more authentic Ganges experiences. T

Pretty great spot for a relax.

Our bungalows.

The view down the valley.

Us waiting for our bus at the end.  It must be noted that there can’t be any advertising regulations in India as not one of the claims made on this sign were true (well maybe you could count toast as a different cuisine)

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