Safari Number 2

We were going on another safari with Sanjay today and after the success of yesterday we were both pretty excited. We enjoyed the beautiful facilities of the hotel in the morning and then safari in the afternoon. This time we were entering through the same gate but driving further into the park into the next section which was going to be more enclosed with less grassy plains. 

Sanjay picked us up in his trusty Suzuki Jeep but with an extra passenger being his son who was about 3. We both looked at each other imagining all the ways this could go wrong considering we don’t know too many 3 year olds if any that could sit very quietly in a car for 4 hours staking out animals. 

But we thought maybe we are going to be dropping him off before we head out. We did stop off on the way but that was to pick up the mother as well. So instead of an extra spotter we got a wife and child. To make matters worse we were half an hour late in arriving at the gate which meant less time in the park. The next hour or so we drove around the park not really spotting much and just stopping at a watering hole or two, none were very fruitful.

Saying that as we were driving along Tim spotted two sloth bears coming out of the hills and we got to watch them for a while crossing the road to a cooler area of the forest. Apparently this was a very rare sighting. They were pretty amazing with there ridiculously long claws and beautiful long snouts.

We saw lots of deer and a few paw prints of tigers, lots of scratches up trees from the sloth bears climbing up but the elusive Tiger or Leopard was not to be. We drove out of our gate and had a spare fifty or so minutes so we stopped off at the waterhole where all the elephants were yesterday. Apparently one of the Tigers has been frequenting the watering hole late afternoon. Towards the end we heard some warning calls but far into the forest. No big cat sightings for us. 

As we drove back to the hotel we were still a little disappointed in the day but being out in the open in the beautiful surrounds still made for a pretty good adventure. S

Monitor lizard enjoying the coolness of a hole dug by sloth bears getting at termites.

One of the watering holes. As you can see the park is desperate for the monsoon to come.

The sloth bears coming out of the hills.

Crossing the road into more lush forest. Check out the size of their claws!

A beautiful spotted stag.

A lone tusker making his way to the watering hole.

Sunset on the plains.

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