Sihanoukville…Rain, Rain Go Away

We had been told of some beautiful beaches near a town called Sihanoukville so booked ourselves a minibus down that way. The journey was only 200km but we had 4 rest stops and due to traffic and the state of the roads the trip ended up taking us 6 hours!!

Luckily when we got here we had booked a nice place which ended up being brand new and we were very excited about using the pool and enjoying some time down on the beach. Unfortunately its monsoon time here now at the moment and the heavens opened during the first night we were here and the rain didn’t relent for the whole of the next day.

The hotel had a lovely area for us to sit in though so we caught up on plenty of writing, listening to music and as there was nothing much else to do we sat back and relaxed.  

It was a real shame as the place would probably be quite fun to be in if the weather was good but as with a lot of these places when the weather isn’t good it all looks a little dirty and downbeat. T

We did get out to enjoy a walk around the beach eventually.  Nice and fairly clean too.

One area was lined with run down hotels and I imagine in the peak season they would be packed.

This is the Main Street at Otres beach and apparently didn’t even exist 3 years ago.  Such is the speed of development going on here I don’t think it would look recognisable one year to the next.

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