Last Views of Ha Long Bay and Back to Hanoi

We woke feeling that our stay in Cat Ba had been a bit of a waste of time, we had a fairly nice walk but the place we were staying at was pretty rubbish and was serving up food to match. Shame because I think if we had booked everything ourselves we could have probably done things cheaper and better. Still thats tours for you, some are great and others not.

It was a bit rainy when we got back on our boat but it was still amazing to get back out amongst the karsts and we really relished the last hour or so we had cruising around them. I think if we had had our time again we would have tried to organise our visit to Ha Long so as to enjoy more time cruising around the bays and almost less time on Cat Ba island.

The rest of the day involved transferring back to Hanoi and by the time we got back the night and the coolness had set in.

Sarah had done some serious research and had found a few highly recommended street food stalls for us to visit so we marked them down on the map and set off to fill our empty bellies. Our first quest was to find some crab spring rolls called Nem Cua Be. It was pretty interesting trying to find the place in amongst all the motorbikes and the general maze of streets but we soon enough found the right stall and ordered our spring rolls.

Just down the road was a Catholic Church and in front of it a group of boys were playing hacky sack with what looked like a badminton shuttle cock. We sat down and enjoyed our delicious spring rolls while watching the goings on.

Our two spring rolls had only whetted our appetite and even though we were tempted to go back for more we headed of to find some rolled pancakes. The lady at the stall was a lot of fun and even let us have a go at making the pancakes which were filled with a savory pork mince and served with a rice wine dipping sauce.

We enjoyed these while sitting next to a lake, the food, the setting and the company was perfect!!

We had planned to eat our way around the city for the rest of the evening but were already stuffed by this point so walked back to the night markets where we found a balcony on the second floor which served cold beers. We sat in the cool breeze provided by a fan and watched the goings on below us. A lot of people we know have fallen in love with Hanoi and we are both beginning to see why.

It’s a bit of a shame that we keep having to backtrack to Hanoi rather being able to travel in between the other sightseeing towns themselves but we both agreed that we couldn’t think of a better place to keep coming back to. It’s so much fun walking around the city and the street food is just amazing!! T

Can’t get bored of the great views of Ha Long Bay

Delicious Nem Cua Be.

Our pancake lady.

Sarah trying out for a job.

The nightmarket from our vantage point.

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