Cycling Around Mai Chau

We had organised a late transfer back to Hanoi so it meant we could enjoy some more of the beautiful scenery here in Mai Chau. We weren’t sure whether to hire scooters or push bikes but the area seemed pretty flat and was very peaceful so we decided on the push bikes, which incidentally cost just as much to hire as a scooter!!!

We set off exploring the almost deserted area stopping here and there to savor the scenery and take some photos. It has to be said that it is a beautiful part of the world and I think we were very lucky to have been able to enjoy it without any other tourists.  

It was nice to see the fields being worked but I have a feeling that the majority of the income earned in this area is now from tourism and every house has been converted into a guesthouse and every road side spot is turned into a store. Still the further we rode the more remote and authentic it got and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Come midday the humidity and the heat was becoming quite oppressive and we decided to head back to our guest house to relax in front of a fan over the pond. It was lovely and peaceful just spending some time doing relatively little.

Our transfer back to Hanoi was painless and we headed out for our last Vietnamese dinner! On the way we stopped for a beer and lucky we did as the most almighty storm broke and we had to take cover for about an hour, lucky it was in a bar!!

Our destination for dinner was a street serving Vietnamese hot pot and our recommendation looked good as there were plenty of customers but no tourists. Our lady explained how we should eat the mountain of food placed in front of us and soon we were cooking vegetables and noodles in a broth made from duck and duck fat!! It was delicious, who would have thought that cooking noodles in duck fat could be so tasty!

We had some time that evening to reflect on what a great time we have had in Vietnam. The variety of the scenery we have enjoyed has been wonderful and the food, especially the street food has been even better. All in all a brilliantly successful trip, next stop Laos! T

 Very sedate pedalling around the rice paddies and the villages.

A very peaceful and relaxing time.

Our cabins set over the fish pond, not too shabby for $15 a night!

Back in Hanoi enjoying hot pot on the street side.

The alleyway leading up to our guesthouse in Hanoi.  People were always eating on tables I the street and we could never work out if they were restaurants or just people’s houses.  The flags wer out for some upcoming ceremony.

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