Sunshine, Free Music and Planning 

A day spent planning the next few bits of the trip, sat in a park with a fantastic view of the city.  Then spent the rest of the day ambling through Grant Park and Millinium park, which was really fantastic and then found out that there was a free outdoor concert being held, so we did what everyone else did and grabbed a bottle of wine and a picnic and chilled out listening to the music for the evening. T


A unique little bar just round the corner from where we are staying. 

The view of Chicago downtown we enjoyed while doing our planning

This chap was one of the best statue guys I have ever seen, remarkable how he kept his horse so still!

Some more of the wonders to see in Millenium Park.

Our picnic listening to the free concert, on most nights during summer, what a fantastic idea!

The start of Route 66 

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