Start of the road trip!

Woo hoo! We picked up our car in Chicago (a hybrid Ford C-Max which was brand new) and then started our drive out of Illinois to Wisconsin where we stayed in Madison. Then from there we pretty much drove East to West through the whole of Minnesota to stop today in South Dakota at Mitchell. We covered around 1000km over the two days. Along the way we also stopped for camping gear and now have pretty much everything we need for our first day camping tomorrow night in the Badlands. Including enough carbs to make me the size of a house! Minute noodles, bread, pasta and musli bars. The staples of camping. Luckily we are planning on doing lots of hiking!

We decided to do this part of the trip quite quickly as there is not much to see other than endless cornfields, soy bean fields and barns.  The view is still very pretty and the ground is obviously very fertile and everything is green and lush. The driving has been really good with a double lane highway pretty much all the way. Tim has been doing a fantastic job driving and we are pretty much now used to driving on the right hand side of the road. As the car is new it has a great Sat Nav so other than keying in the address my job as navigator is pretty much null and void.

It is really starting to feel a lot like country America with everyone seeming to just want to stop and have a chat. Saw our first Armish today as well but I was too shy to get a photo! The really weird thing is driving with not much around and then all of a sudden coming to a little town with these massive shopping complexes with the staples like Walmart, Home Deposit (like a Bunnings), Subway, etc etc but with not much else around. I don’t know how they are getting the people in but obviously they are. S


Tim with one of the vital purchases

 These water towers are at every town

Heaps of wind farms along the way


Apparently there is a palace made of corn around here. Going to check it out tomorrow. Chef Loius was a great steak house. 

 The motel we are staying at tonight seems to be the place for all the bikies doing their road trip. Lots of bandanas and Harley shirts. 

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