Arrival at Badlands, South Dakota

Camping gear purchased and car rented we were both pretty excited to arrive at Badlands.  Having driven through Kodoka, which was where we would have stayed if we weren’t camping, we were feeling even better about our decision to buy the tent!  From the moment we set foot in the Park we were uttering wows and oohs and aahs, the scene was quite unbelievable and certainly breathtaking!

A pact was made before we attempted to set up the tent for the first time, and as the wind came up we set upon our task.  20 mins later we declared ourselves experts, nothing to be worried about so went off for hike around the park.

Successful dinner followed the walk and I am currently writing this waiting for the stars to come out, great decision, and perfect setting! T

First kitschy tourist attraction. Though promise many more! A building that is covered in murals made of corn cobs.

  Pretty much the only thing in Kadoka!
Thanks Matt for all your training, easy as pie no arguments!! Boring

Looking over the prairie 

    Sunset over the Badlands

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