Badlands II, Even Badder!

Today we spent trying to avoid some wildlife (rattlesnakes) and finding others, big horn sheep (too quick for us to get the camera out) prairie dogs and bison. We were lucky to see all three but we are still waiting to see the herds of bison which we are sure can’t be that far away as we are definitely in the land, “where the buffalo roam.”

The scenery again was out of this world, and we had a great hike which enabled us to see it all up close, but we also went for a three hour drive around Badlands national park which made us aware of how huge these formations are. T

Signing in before we left on the hike.  Sadly a guy got lost out here a fortnight before we were here and unfortunately you can see how easily it would happen.

 We were walking along the plateau looking down on the plains below.

 A view of the road winding through the cliffs

A Prarie dog.  The fields were full of them, difficult to catch with the camera, but they all have their own burrows and when you come up on them they are all stood to attention and warning of your presence before disappearing underground.

The first Bison, massive creatures, can’t wait to see more of them.

The transition from badlands to the Black Hills, definitely greener though still very uninhabited.

Our new campsite, complete with babbling brook, I am currently lying in bed in the tent listening to the water an writing this blog…bliss!

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