Battle of the Rock Carvings

This area also boasts a couple of famous landmarks in the rock carvings at Mt Rushmore and the ongoing work of the carving of Crazy Horse.  The first thing to say is that they are actually both quite impressive as they are actually massive and I think the first glimpse of them is the best, but have to feel that a $11 charge ($22 for Crazy Horse) to get into an area to see them is a bit much, but having said that the lady at the Crazy horse site let us off the entrance fee when we told her we wouldn’t bother as it was too expensive! 

First the Mt Rushmore site, A quick question, can you name all four presidents?  We couldn’t, but we must presume that everyone else who visited did, as we couldn’t find them listed anywhere.  Which was quite strange as I thought it would have been good to know why they were the four picked?  But to save you googling they were, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

The Crazy Horse site is not yet complete and work has been going since the 1940s.  The bottom picture shows what the final sculpture is going to look like but I am not sure how long it will take.  At the rate they are going probably a couple of centuries at least!  The site was quite interesting as it had a Native Indian museum and details on how it was being made/carved.  The whole site is being built by one family, the father was a famous sculpture who was an assistant on the Mt Rushmore site and then got chosen by the Native Cheifs to start the project, he had ten children and they are continuing the work today. 

The sculpture was started as the Cheifs wanted a Native American legend to balance out the presidential heads. The site is funded by contributions only. No state or federal money is being accepted.

To put the two in size perspective, all four of the presidents heads will fit into that top tier where Crazy Horse’s head and hair go. It will be the biggest sculpture in the world when finished. I think a bit of one upman ship is going on. Though the presidents heads were carved in what was supposed to be Indian land so……. T&S


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