Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

There have been quite a few bikes in a couple of our photos and we have also been struggling to find accomodation since we arrived in the Badlands.  This is because there is a huge motorbike rally going on in Sturgis, and when I mean huge I mean American huge!!  The event officially goes on for a week but loads of the bikers take road trips to and from and during the event, so everywhere we go we are surrounded by huge great big motorbikes and the throbbing of the engines.   

It has actually been great and while our hybrid Ford whateveritis doesn’t quite cut the mustard its a really cool experience to be amongst, and has certainly got us thinking about doing a bit of a bike trip! (They just look and sound so cool).  But all we have managed so far is to buy a couple of T-shirts and bandanas!

The Main Street in Sturgis is absolutely jam packed full of motorbikes, and the stalls down the sides are selling all sorts of bike paraphernalia.  We just spent the day with our jaws on the ground watching all the weird and wonderful people!   
 The area is so busy that people are camping in front yards, just to get near the action.  But the action around the town of Strugis is only a small part of the rally, there are massive campgrounds set up in the surrounding areas with other events and bands playing.  And when I say bands, one of the sites has Alice Cooper appearing!   

This is the town of Custer, and as you can see there are loads of motorbikes here too!  One of the main attractions of the rally for us is that the guys go on big rides all around the surrounding areas which look like great fun!


A local joint in the town of Custer, and below a local Bison. 

One thought on “Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

  1. Be aware different States have different rules re helmet requirements – and take care Harleys are notoriously heavy and VERY EASY TO DROP. I spent 2 weeks riding from Vegas on a circular tour via Grand Canyon Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley – magnificent scenery. Love your blogs. Mike


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