Hubble Bubble

Okay so Yellowstone was a place that we both had as a must do in our American bucket list. And to tell you the truth it didn’t start out too well. However it is mostly due to the fact that there are people everywhere!! Apparently even though it is peak season this time of year the Rangers said it seems to be a lot worse this year. We queued in our car for around 45mins just to get into the parks west entrance! Old faithful which is the parks most famous geyser would have no joke had around 3 thousand people there when we were there. So as you can imagine with Tim and I this didn’t go down so well and the geyser was a bit of a fizzer luckily we packed a beer. But then we walked the rest of the geysers in and around old faithful and stopped off at a few other sites and the park redeemed itself. We also went on a 2 hour hike to see lone star which was a bit anticlimactic because we didn’t see it erupt but the walk was beautiful and it was good to get away from the crowds for awhile.
The main attraction that was a must see for us was the Grand Prismatic Spring. So we got there and a big storm rolled in and we couldn’t even see the crystal blue water very well. So we are going to go back another day. 
The temp here at the moment writing this is again low teens but it honestly feels like about 5. A big plus today is that our tent survived the big storm. Yay Tim and his tent building skills! Unfortunately there was another tent just down the way that don’t fair so well!

Old Faithful doing its stuff every 90 mins, quite amazing when we thought about that a natural occurrence can happen so regularly.

The crowds building for the eruption.  
The lone star at the end of our hike.  
A few photos of all the fantastic colours on show, it really feels as though you are walking around on another planet.  I couldn’t help but wonder what the first people who stumbled upon this area would have thought!

Then suddenly the storms roll in and the temperature plummeted!

 Our first view of the Grand Prismatic Spring  

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