Drive to Yellowstone

The trip started with an awesome drive up to 8300 ft through the Big Horn National Park. Tim had a great time driving the Hybrid like a rally car! It really doesn’t feel that high considering Alpe Du Huez is only 6,100 ft! Then we went on to Cody, which was where Buffalo Bill was made famous. A cute little Western town though very touristy. 

We then hit the East entrance of Yellowstone. The amount of people driving around here is phenomenal with apparently 30,000 people through the park each day. We will definitely be doing some hiking here to escape the crowds. Luckily we met a lovely couple at one of the quick stops we made before we entered the park and they told us of some places just on the fringes of the park where we should see a lot of the wildlife.

Our campsite just outside the Western entrance is luxurious! Which pretty much in camping terms just means it has nice bathrooms and toilets. But due to the altitude even though it is in the middle of summer we are sitting in the low teens with a bit of a chilly wind. Luckily we have a fire and marshmallows, which according to a couple who were camped beside us I have been cooking all wrong! I was given a tutorial so now I am good to go. Apparently sticking them in the fire until they burn is like asking for an eye fillet well done! Marshmallow faux pas. S

 Fully operational water pump.

Some of the spectacular scenery on the route between Black Hills and Yellowstone along the 14 through Cody  



Very cool little bar where we had some great burgers, and wished we could have stayed for longer as it had a great feel to it!  

Another little place we were tempted to spend some serious time in   
Different traffic hazards than we are usually used to on the Sunshine Coast, but they are quite a regular occurrence at Yellowstone.


Bloody Baltic conditions, we are quite high up (about 6-7000 ft) and we were both feeling it! It got even colder when the sun went down, down to 40 Fahrenheit.

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