Lamar Valley

So we have only been sporadically posting blogs as the Internet at Yellowstone hasn’t been the greatest. Who would have thought it?? The last two days of our Yellowstone adventure has shown us some amazing sites! On the first day we got up early in the freezing weather at around 6am. We drove up into the North East area of the park which is known for its wildlife spotting. We were not disappointed. The scenery around the Lamar Valley is breathtaking. Although I didn’t get to see a wolf, bear or moose it would have to be our favorite part of the park. We then stopped at a little town called Cooke City. Really quaint town, had a very Alpsie feel to it.  I had my first bowl of chili! We then headed to the Mammoth Springs. The most active part of Yellowstone in regards to thermal activity. On the way back home we were hit with a massive storm. It hailed and everything! We were not so jealous of those bikers anymore.

On the next day we headed back to the Grand Prismatic spring for a better shot. We were still a little disappointed with the view as we had seen some amazing ones in the books. As we were looking around it dawned on us that there was a hill off one of the walking tracks that would give a perfect view. Unfortunately there were massive do not enter signs……. So we ignored them and went on up. We were not disappointed!!

We had then planned a little hike to see the falls and the canyon but were thwarted  by a herd of bison blocking the way. So we drove there instead. Then home for some much needed and deserved afternoon beers and relax before our next leg of the trip out to the West coast.  S


Pretty self explanatory really 

The fog in the early morning over the river 

The Lamar Valley  
 A few pictures of Cooke City

 More of Lamar Valley 

Mammoth Springs



 Our next attempt at Grand Prismatic

The better versions after our sneaky hike    
One of the bison who ended our hike. Some crazy other people continued but the previous day we were talking to a ranger who said the most common injury in the park is from tourists getting too close to Bison. So we hightailed it out of there.


The falls. The place was called Artists Point and it is easy to see why

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