Wildlife in Yellowstone

The highlight for me of the park was seeing the Bison, they are just such an awesome beast.  We didn’t see them in herds of thousands but there were certainly a couple of hundred at a time roaming around.  I know that my partner in crime was more keen for bears and wolves, and I often noticed we were walking quite stealthily through the woods! Unfortunately though we didn’t get to see any although I am not too sure what I would have done coming face to face with a Grizzly!

At the moment it’s breeding time for the Bison so all the guys are chasing the girls and while we waited and watched them you could see the boys protecting their conquests by constantly following them around while grunting and bellowing.  T

This is a shot of a male with his mate.  
A herd roaming and grazing.

 This is a male on the prowl looking for his potential mate, and we encountered him on foot so it was a little scary as he grunted and snorted at us. 

A male rolling around in his urine in order to smell better for his mate. Sarah is still trying to get me to stop doing it.  
 There are loads of squirrels around, and this guy decided to stop and pose for us for a while.   
 We sat watching these pronghorn antelope for ages as the four of them chased each other round and round.  
While we where sat watching the Bison this cheeky coyote snuck straight across the road and nipped right through the herd.

 We would have liked more horns, but it was still pretty special to see this elk.

Great shot out of the moving car by Sarah to catch this bird of prey, not sure what it is (answers on a postcard please)


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