Further down the Oregon Coastline

A day spent cruising down the coastline from Yachats to Coos Bay.  Apart from a couple of trips inland to see some national parks we are going to follow this coastal road all the way down to San Francisco.  The road hugs the coast and the views are just fantastic and the little towns offer a huge amount of charm and character. T

A queue at the local drive thru coffee shop.

 Fog or clouds we are not sure   

There are miles and miles of sand dunes along the coast, some as high as 500ft.

 Dotted in around the area are an abundance of lakes and these houses are actually floating on the water.   
Morning snacks here at this typical cafe.  We also bought some moonshine from this shop, there will be more on that later.

These fishing boats certainly look like they get a battering.   
Although there is pressure against the industry, logging still plays a big role in the area, which is a real shame as we have really enjoyed walking around the forests.

One thought on “Further down the Oregon Coastline

  1. If you continue along Highway 1 from SF call in at Pebble Beach. You can hire a buggy for $50 and drive the whole course. Fantastic.


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