The Lost Coast and Avenue of the Giants (very Inida Jonesish!)

Today was an epic road tip adventure. We started out in Crescent City. The city was a little blah but the bay was very nice. We drove down the coast on the 101 towards Eureka. We started pretty early so there was quite a bit of fog which made it eerily beautiful. Especially the town of Trinidad just north of Eureka, which was a little seaside port. The fog, the tiny fishing boats and the outcrops of rocks made it very beautiful. 


The above photo was Crescent City’s bay on the afternoon we arrived.


These next two are of Trinidad’s foggy port.

The above was one of the spectacular views along the coast.

We also stopped off at the start of the Redwood National Forest and had a bit of a walk around the giant trees.





This was just coming out of the forest and right beside the road. At first we thought they were fake!

 We took a slight detour after lunch to see the Lost Coast, the name came about because when the 101 was built it bypassed this area completely. Tim had read some stuff on it and we thought it would be awesome to go see. On the map it looked like a 40 mile detour on a relatively straight road….. An hour later after so many switch backs and ups and downs we hit the coast only to realize that we were only a 1/3 of the way through the loop! We maybe should have realized that if it was easy to get to it would not be called the Lost Coast. All joking aside it was worth the trip as you can tell by the photos.


On the trip back after the winding roads we were suddenly in the middle of the redwood forest which was pretty much the start of Avenue of the Giants . Words cannot describe how enchanting the forest was, especially because we arrived there quite unexpectedly after quite a long detour. The road actually winds through the big redwoods instead of ploughing right through them. On certain parts of the road it goes down to one lane to pass between two of the trees. It really was special.



We ended up staying in a town called Garberville. Well this little town was crazy weird. It is in the middle of bum fuck nowhere and there was seriously heaps of vagrant young people. And when I say vagrant I mean haven’t washed for a month, smack head kind of vagrant. We were so intrigued that we googled it and it seems as if Garberville is the weed capital of America. Luckily we found the cheapest place to stay there and the paper thin walls made us really feel part of the action. We checked the insurance policy on the car and parked it right outside our window, luckily all four tires were present when we woke up the next morning. Needless to say we were pretty happy to be out of there! S

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