Route 1, An Epic Drive

The plan for the day: to drive the infamous route 1 down the Californian coast. We are lucky though as we are getting to experience the slightly less travelled route coming into San Fran from the north.
It was, of course, a foggy start to the day but it all adds to the atmosphere of the trip. We cruised down the coastline and were blown away by spectacular view after spectacular view.
As we neared San Francisco the whole area suddenly got incredibly busy as everyone was escaping from the city up the coast. But no problem we just joined the masses and carried on slowly towards our target.
The best bit of the trip was emerging out of a tunnel at the end to see the Golden Gate Bridge which was a brilliant sight on a such a clear day! In fact lucky we stopped off to get the pictures because it hasn’t been clear enough to see the top of the bridge since!
San Francisco has a great feel about it on arrival and we are both very excited about exploring what it has to offer!!! T


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