The Land of The Giants

We left San Francisco with a vague plan and on the way decided to head towards Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. We arrived a bit quicker than we thought due to the huge four lane Route 5.
On arrival we noticed a bit of smoke in the air and quite a few firemen around and we were told that there was indeed a huge fire, but the good news was that it was 3% contained! (Better than 1 or 2 I suppose). Unfortunately this meant that most of Kings Canyon was blocked off, but the good news was that there was camping available, which we had thought would be fully booked.
The campsite we ended up getting was superb. Set in the middle of the forests and very basic it was very private and secluded. Which also brings bears into play apparently. We were warned on arrival to store all food items in the metal food locker provided and that if we saw a bear it was only looking for food so not to worry!
It was very dark and quiet that night as we went to sleep in our tent, which didn’t seem overly bear proof!! I will admit that it took me a while to get to sleep as every rustle had me convinced that a bear was just outside. But no bears to be seen but plenty of deer instead which was great.
We got to see the largest trees by trunk volume. Which is an odd statistic but nevertheless they were very impressive and there is no way you can capture their enormity on film but we have had a go anyway.
I imagine the views would be superb but unfortunately while we weren’t exactly choking on the fumes you could tell there was a fire nearby. T

Some locals behind relocated ahead of the fires.

The shot above is of the biggest tree, General Sherman

This really does give you an idea of how big the trees are.  This tree isn’t much bigger than the others in the photos below!


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