Magnificent Mission Murals

Today was a day of exploring some of San Francisco’s most influential and famous areas. We started off in the Haight district which was the home of the summer of love/ hippie movement. As soon as you got out Dreadlocks were the norm and shoes were definitely optional. The street was really cool and you could almost picture what it would have been like in the sixties. However, after having a look around some of the shops I am pretty sure the fore founders of the hippie movement would be horrified of the prices that are being charged! $80 for a tie-dyed t-shirt! Maybe this shirt has been dyed in John Lennon’s sweat?

From there we walked through Golden gate Park to see the Japanese tea garden. It was really beautiful, though a lot smaller than expected. From there we caught an Uber taxi (after yesterday’s marathon walk we decided to be chauffeured today) into the Mission. This area is known to be a predominately Hispanic suburb and you can tell with all the tacorita and Mexican wrestling masks in windows. Unfortunately all the hipsters moved in and the rent has risen so much that the middle class immigrants have had to move out. Saying that it would definitely be a suburb Tim and I would love to live in. It has a really great vibe. The main reason we went for a visit was all the street art that has popped up in the alleyways here. Apparently in the 80s a lot of the Mission’s population was quite disgruntled about a lot of human rights violations going on in Central America and so started speaking out by painting everyone’s garage doors. The end product is beautiful. It is amazing how a muraled wall makes any alley more inviting.

After this we had built up an epic appetite so caught another Uber to Fishermans wharf for a much anticipated In n Out burger. My Dad has talked about these burgers ever since his trip to America in the 70’s. Needless to say I was expecting a lot. I was not disappointed. As we were at the Wharf again we had to go back and see the sea lions. They are so mesmerizing. We then walked home and drove our car down Lombard street’s 8 turns which we couldn’t resist doing!

After going past all the pier seafood restaurants at lunch we decided to head there for dinner for some lovely seafood, particularly the clam chowder and the seafood bisque, the view of the Golden Gate bridge behind the harbour was pretty good to. S

Some buildings along Haight St


The Japenese Tea Garden

A few of the many amazing murals in Mission


This mural was being restored by one of the not-for-profit charities in the Mission. 

The Mexican Wrestling masks!

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