Vegas, Baby

Well as they say a lot of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and it’s easy to see why!!
We were lucky and stayed at the Flamingo which was right in the middle of the strip and meant we could easily walk to loads of the other famous casinos, Bellagio, Ceaser’s Palace, MGM, Excalibur, Mandalay and New York New York all got a visit. It was absolutely fantastic to walk up and down the strip, especially at night with all the lights on!  They are all just so huge and fantastic looking buildings, and it doesn’t stop at the front door, the interiors are very impressive too.
The numbers of people here are just mind blowing, not only just the huge numbers from the people holidaying here but we also had at least a couple of huge conferences going on (one big enough to draw Obama as a speaker). But it’s quite strange because the numbers are so big that you feel fairly isolated and private, in fact even though there were over a thousand others watching the fountains at the Bellagio it was quite romantic.

We certainly saw some weird and wonderful sights both in the newer area of the strip and the older area of Freemont St. It’s all cheesy and glitzy but that’s why we and millions of other people are here and we definitely enjoyed it. It’s definitely a city to have fun in and we certainly have.
We managed to get some free tickets to Ka, a cirque du soleil production by going to a Sales presentation with a free breakfast which we both spent the rest of the day laughing about. But the show was worth the time. The stage was fantastic and as always some of the acts were just incredible. We also treated ourselves to O, another of the eight cirque du Soleil shows on in Vegas! It too was definitely a highlight of the trip, again just such an amazing stage and show.
Another big highlight was spending a night at Freemont St which is a little bit away from the main strip, and is a bit cheaper too but obviously still designed to take your money!!! It’s a great miniature version of the strip, with a covered pedestrianised street and every hour an absolutely fantastic light display (the biggest in the world not surprisingly) occurs. It’s really quite a magical place and you can’t help but smile as you are walking down the street, beer in one hand and jaw on the floor as you watch what’s going on.

I don’t mean to put a dampener on the place, but you don’t want to go a block off the main streets, it’s a very clean and safe place on the main streets where the tourists are meant to be.  But a block behind the main streets are very dirty and run down and feel just a bit threatening.  I guess there has to be something to prop up the facade!

All in all a great place and a great few days, we have wanted to come here together for ages and it has all really been spot on and definitely one of the major highlights (though not one of the most cultural experiences)T

The entrance to Freemont St, we will add the proper one later.

Our home for the stay in Vegas, slightly bigger, and slightly pinker than our tent!  Absolutely brilliant location, right slap in the middle, and definitely a couple of fun nights had inside too.

 Done to music, and as I said before even with the crowds, really quite magical.  
The show at Freemont St, 1500ft long and 90ft wide and full of psychedelic images every hour.  Just what you need.

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