Neon Graveyard

On another morning we got up way too early to visit the Neon graveyard. What Vegas has done is create a museum where, as the casinos shut, renovate, get bought out or demolished, their signs which usually by now are rather iconic go to to die.

It had to be a guided tour and although the lady was rather boring her facts where very cool! The signs have mostly been donated to the museum by individuals or the original manufacturer of the sign. Who usually had them in their sign boneyards where they were probably used for spare parts, sometimes not intact and mostly broken. So the museum raises funds to try and get some of them up and running again.
My Dad stayed at the Hacienda when he visited many many years ago so I went looking for this casino to take a picture for him. Unfortunately it is no longer there. It was demolished in 1996 to make way for the Mandalay Bay. But the horse from its neon sign was the first one to be restored and is now along Fremont St. Unknowing when we were there I took a photo of it without knowing its origin. So here you go Dad. S.

Some pics from the actual museum. We were expecting them to be all layed out nice and neatly etc but instead they are all in a bit of a jumble. It works though!


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