Best Day Ever

Today has to go down as one of the best days ever so far for us and I am currently writing this blog while dinner cooks on the campfire overlooking the Grand Canyon with no one around!
But first things first, we started the day early and decided to go on a hike down to the bottom (and back up) in Bryce Canyon along the Queens and Navajo Loop. It was billed as one of the best hikes in the world and so it was a bit of a no brainer to spend the morning doing it. It was absolutely amazing the scenery all the way down was fantastic and every which way we looked there was another fantastic photo to be taken or view to enjoy.
I hope the photos give some idea as to how amazing this hike and place really was.
A quick pack up of camp and we were on the road following the same route as yesterday through red canyon on the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Views and scenery again brilliant and we decided to stop in Kanab for some provisions and as we pulled up we noticed a posse of cowboys and people dressed up in wagons hiding down a side street. It turns out that we had stumbled upon the towns annual parade celebrating all the cowboy film stars that had acted in films in the area. Not a bad way to have lunch!
We were both quite excited at this point as we drove through the miles and miles of pine forest towards the Grand Canyon, but on arrival we were told that the campsites were all full, damn. Our recent successful habit of not planning seemed to have backfired.  
Luckily an extremely helpful girl at the campsite told us that there was another spot we could camp in if we were prepared to drive over some rough roads. We told her we had a rental and were off in a flash! 
After a couple of hours we arrived at a spot where we have set up camp with no neighbours right on the rim of the canyon. Words cannot describe how fantastic this is the views are just amazing!! T

The start of the descent into Bryce Canyon.  The pathway winds its way all the way down through these amazing rock formations.

The sun shining on the rocks results in some amazing colours.

Queen Victoria

Some of the narrow canyons down the bottom.

The switchback paths to take us up to the top, breathtaking in more ways than one.

The view from back up at the top (8000 ft) It’s really so impressive the different colours you get out of the rocks and with the different light.

The cowboy parade at Kanab, originally Grizzly Adams and other stars started the idea.  Just quite bizarre dropping in on alpaca like this at the right time.

It’s massive, and really quite awe inspiring the more you look, the more you see. Some quick stats, 446 km long, 29km wide and 1.6 km deep.  (According to the blurb at the site I am sure a whole host of different numbers will be posted all over the web😉)

The one above is me writing the blog at the campsite, and the one below is the view we had, not bad for a free campsite!  We had a pretty idyllic evening under the stars enjoying a fire while listening to the wind.


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