Page and Upper Antelope Canyon

So we are in Page. Just on the edge of the Navajo Nation reserve. We were hoping to see the upper and lower Antelope canyon today but unfortunately the lower Antelope canyon was shut due to rain from last night. It is monsoon season here and as the canyon is so narrow and bowl like, it fills with water and they have to pump the water out. So we have decided to stay another day so we can see that tomorrow.
We managed to get our trip to the upper canyon this afternoon. You cannot go unless it is a guided tour by someone from the Navajo Nation. It started with a traditional hoop dance by a Navajo man which was really great. He used about 7 hoops to create different animals and the difficulty was quite high.
Then they packed us into Utes with bench seating in the back. Our tour guide Leonard came out and he looked quite the character. He then told us to hold on as the ride was going to be bumpy. It wasn’t too bad but he was definitely racing the other guides and was fish tailing through the sand. It was actually quite fun.
We were a bit worried that we were not going to get any good photos as there was a line of tour groups of about 8 people all going in one after the other. But they did it really well and spaced the groups out and as the canyon winds around you manage to get photos with no one in. On top of that, the tour guide shows you which angles and spots to take the best photos. Leonard also points out some of the images that are created in the rock formations. We have some included some below.
As we left the canyon Leonard played a 3 piece wooden flute. Add that to some awesome scenery and it was really special. Without even realizing it, we had it one of the best tour guides as we heard one of the others in another tour group pass us going “ooh that is Leonard we were hoping to get him!”
It definitely rates as a top experience for us and as you can see from the photos absolutely magical. We could have spent all day there. Fingers crossed we make it to the lower canyon tomorrow because it is apparently even better. S

The Lone Rock. We saw this on the drive into page.

 As we couldn’t get into Lower Antelope we decided to go for a short hike to Horseshoe Rock.

Heart rock

 Dragons eye

 Bear stealing honey



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