Zion National Park

Leaving Las Vegas in a hungover stupor after our four nights of decadence we drove once again into the desert towards Zion National Park.
After so many days of being surrounded by the desert it was quite incredible when the landscape changed and we entered canyon land. It was really quite breathtaking.
In one day we passed from Nevada through Arizona to Utah, sounds impressive but it was really only a couple of hours drive! But enough for us as we were searching for somewhere peaceful to relax and get back into our hiking… 100 degrees plus and five busses of school kids arriving at the campsite put pay to that! It was still a magical evening camping with the canyon walls rising up around us and a full moon shedding light over the walls all night.
The next day we went for a couple of hikes along the canyon floor and it was amazing as to how cold it was as it was quite narrow and the sun doesn’t hit the bottom for very long each day.
The park was great but it is only accessible by shuttle bus and the walks we were recommended to go on were all paved (we obviously didn’t look particularly fit when we asked where we should hike!). So those factors meant that we didn’t feel out in the wilderness which was a shame. But nevertheless it has given us a taste of all the great canyons and land formations we are about to see. So all in all a good appetiser! T

The view up from our campsite.

The hike we went on up through the canyon.

A view up to one of the waterfalls, probably a bit more impressive after more rain!

This is the end of the canyon, you can see how much it opens up from the first picture which was right at the start.

The view back towards Zion as we were leaving.

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