We had heard Austin was the alternate hub of Texas and the live music capital of the world. It certainly lived up to its name! An amazing city that would have to come in at a close second to NY for me to live in.
On the first night we caught an Uber to the famous 6th Street but we didn’t know which part so we picked East side. On arrival we both looked at each other a little worriedly as the street had no street lights and the bars looked a little divey from the outside. The Uber driver had told us of a bar that he liked (The White House) in the area and dropped us off there. In we walked, to a four piece band playing country. Even though it’s not our taste of music, they were good.
Off we walked down the road and the next stop was a metal/punk looking bar with lots of piercings and tatts. The entertainment for the night was…..Free Bingo. We sat and played a few games and it was such a fun experience.
The next stop was a hipster bar, think lots of beards and side parts and then we were ready for home. Well we needed a little snack of course and Austin has sooo many food trucks! So many that food trailer parks have been created in and around the city and the variety is fantastic.
The most amazing thing about the the area was that although Tim and I didn’t really fit in any of the bars, you felt welcome. The bars were all rough and ready but that lead to a real individualism of every one of the bars. Nobody was trying to copy each other, they were doing their own thing.
After relaxing by the pool and watching the tennis all day (we are loving the fact that we are able to do that) we hit another section of 6th street. Now I haven’t mentioned that the days we were here were Monday and Tuesday. So you would think that most places wouldn’t have live music. But that was not the case. This section of 6th street was more polished than the previous night and it was a lot busier. The bars were all a lot bigger and most were two stories with the top story being an open air bar. We managed to catch another 3 live music acts. A 90’s cover band who rocked! A Jack Johnson sounding solo artist and then a guy who was an amazing musician. He was a one man band who had a drum machine, keyboard and two guitars and would record a beat and then layer the other instruments over the top, all while singing. It was one of the most impressive musical acts I have ever seen.
Austin has really topped off Texas for us and it definitely is one of our favorite states. The diversity of food, culture and scenery has been phenomenal. S

  Our favourite of the night. This was the one with the 90’s cover band and lots of games to play

 A new game we discovered. Turns out I am a natural 😃. 2 zip to me! Definitely getting this when we come home.

Love this! We definitely agree with live music capital of the world. I have never seen so many musicians playing and it was only a Tuesday. One of the bars even had an acoustic artist down stairs with a band upstairs.


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