Breaux Bridge

It was sad to leave Texas, we had really been pleasantly surprised as to how greatly it exceeded our expectations, between the music and the BBQs we have a lot of great memories.

But it’s with a great a degree of excitement that we arrived in Louisiana and while we were both very keen to get to New Orleans we thought we would visit the Bayou first. We stopped as recommended at the Atchafalaya visitor centre and the guys there sorted us out with places to go both day and night so off we went to Breaux Bridge to stay in a cabin right on the bayou.

Breaux Bridge is a very small town in the middle of the swamplands and it also had a very old and very French feel to it which was great.  We went to a couple of different places to listen to live music, and we were definitely the only tourists around on both nights.  The hospitality of the locals was superb and we certainly enjoyed relaxing in this very unique area.  You definitely felt like you were surrounded by swamp, if that makes any sense, but not in a bad way.  It just meant for more humid conditions and an incredibly green countryside.

The only downside to our stay here was that we were told that on Saturday we should go to Cafe Des Amis where a local Zydeco band would be playing and that there would be dancing and drinking starting at 8:30 in the morning.  Well it sounded great but unfortunately due to there being a big birthday party going on there we couldn’t get in, boo hiss. T


The cabins where we were staying, very relaxed.  In fact no one was there to check us in so we just had to open the cabin with the key which was left outside and then if we didn’t see anyone before we left, we were to leave our payment under the pillow!

Two of the great spots we got to eat and watch some live music at, you certainly need to know where they are!


Some locals.  Certainly put the Australia Day flags to shame in terms of size!

Downtown Breaux Bridge on a busy Sunday Morning.

Some folks livin on the Bayou.

We went for a walk around a bit of the bayou near where we were staying, it certainly looked very eerie!

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