On the Road to Clarksdale

It was back into Mississippi and back onto the Blues Highway and as we drove through the cotton fields the area reminded us a bit of the Burdekin with the sparse population, the flatness of the land and field after field of crops.
We were driving along listening to some blues and we started trying to find out where the best spots to go would be. We found out that there was to be a blues festival in Greenville on Saturday and seeing as it was just down the road we decided to go and see if we could get tickets.

Well after a fair amount of driving around we ended up at a building in the center of town where we had been told we could get tickets. We went inside and were very warmly greeted and told to wait a while and then we could buy our tickets. After five minutes we were shown upstairs through some offices to the finance department where a couple of larger than life black ladies again greeted us with a “where y’all from, I thought you wasn’t from round here!”

At this point everyone filed into the office with us to question us about what we were up to. They thought it was all amazing and at the end of it we got discounted tickets, a free poster (and a tube to be able to send it home!) and they are going to give us a “shout out” at the festival!!! We are certainly looking forward to Saturday!

Still giggling to each other as to how lucky a find we had just scored we set off towards the BB King museum in Indianola near where he was born. The museum was fantastic as it gave a history of his life as well as a history of the blues in general in the area. It also had interactive listening stations where we got to hear some great musical influences on him. We could have spent all day here but had to cut it short as we still had to check out Clarksdale.

I will write more about Clarksdale after we have had another day here, but so far so very good!!!  

We arrived and decided to check out where the live music was and then sort out accommodation around that. The first place we stopped off at was Red’s Lounge and Red himself was there and had to be seen to be believed with dark sunglasses and a look which meant he couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a Blues fan, he fit all the stereotypes. He assured is that there would be a band on later and we should come by after 8.

As we were on such a roll we decided to stop off at the other venue in town, Ground Zero where we met a local musician Steve Kolbus who told us he had a tune on triple J and then also sorted us out with where to stay and where to go!! What a great guy!!

Field after field of cotton throughout this area.


 Some of the venues at Clarksdale, the whole place just oozes the blues.


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