Start of the Blues Highway 61

We left Louisiana thoroughly impressed and headed north into Mississippi. As with most parts of the trip we had renewed excitement as this part was also high on our bucket list- The drive up the Mississippi River listening to the Blues.
We managed to score some amazing campsites over the next two days. One of those campsites was right on Lake Chicot which once was a bend in the Mississippi River until it changed its course. We had crossed into Arkansas. As it is off season the campsite was deserted. I think there were 3 sites occupied out of about 100. Full of cheeky raccoons though! It was so relaxing and a great way to recharge after New Orleans.
We passed through a town called Vicksburg where we thought we would stay for the night and listen to some live music. Unfortunately after half an hour of trying to coax the two ladies working at the Visitor Centre into answering our question of “Is there any live music being played tonight?” (seriously we both walked out of there feeling like we had lost some of our intelligence) we discovered they didn’t have any live music on tonight so we continued on our way.
We did stop in at the place where Coke was originally first bottled in the world. Interestingly it was not Coke who bottled it but an enterprising man who owned a soda shop who thought that if he could bottle it the people who lived rurally could also enjoy it. Previously it was only served from a soda fountain. So he bottled it and sent the first 6 bottles to the head of Coke and received a letter back saying that it tasted great and if he wanted to bottle it he could. 
We also had a Mexican coke which is made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Apparently this was how it used to be made back in the day but due to cost saving corn syrup was substituted. It tasted way better! S

The Mississippi!


 Tim fishing off the dock

Watching the sunset over Lake Chicot. The trees are apparently cypress.



The Lake was lined with houses like this one. All with pontoons out onto the water

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