Beale Street

So far our tour of the musical cities and towns of the southern states has been epic. We have been so lucky in the number of bands we have seen live, most of them for free and most of them really talented too. Great stuff.
Beale Street in Memphis is known as the street where all the blues artists from the surrounding areas came to perform and try and hit the big time! It’s a bit similar to Frenchman St in New Orleans in that it’s a street lined with bars in both sides all playing live music!  
The sounds as you walk down the street are great and even though we were there through the week there was still plenty going on. It has to be said though that the street was full of tourists rather than the locals but still it was a great atmosphere.

Memphis is known for the blues, but over the years there have been a whole host of musicians recording and performing here especially at Sun Studios and most notably Elvis. We were extremely lucky that the first place we went to had a band playing a whole host of covers and while he was doing it the lead singer gave a brief history of who sang the song and where and when it was released. Brilliant, entertainment and education!! To top it off they served some amazing ribs too!!!

 Another great venue was also free entry and was outside in between two buildings and had a small bar at the front serving draft beer in plastic cups. We went here both nights and were treated to some epic performances on both nights by some great old school blues musicians.

The last bar we went to was the BB King blues bar and their tribute band was on, we were about to walk away from the $5 cover charge but decided to go in anyway. Lucky we did, the band was great but the lead singer was superb!!! She and the band took us through a whole variety of styles of music which was great but the highlight was her absolutely nailing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. Really quite spectacular to see live. Great venue, great evening.


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