were both just so knackered after our epic music trail thus far that upon arriving in Nashville we were a little fatigued. So we decided to check into our hotel and relax for the afternoon and evening. It was fabulous!
The next day we got up and went to an old plantation called Belle Meade which bred horses. Apparently their horse Bonnie Scotland was one of Americas foundation sires and the progenitor of all 21st Century Kentucky Derby racehorses. We were quite excited to see the farm as they were breeding in the 1800’s and we were interested in learning how different it was from today. Unfortunately the original estate which was 5400 acres had been sold off so we really only got to see the mansion, stable for their carriage horses and everyday riding horses. Still it was very impressive the lavishness of the place. 
We then walked into downtown where all the action happens. Like Memphis it had a pedestrianized street with bars on either side, but instead of Blues it was country. There were also loads of cowboy boots and hat shops so that kept me entertained for an hour trying on all different kinds of cowboy boots!
The place I am sure is really very fun and Tim and I went into a few bars with country music playing but it just doesn’t float our boat. But for country lovers I am sure this place would be heaven. S

  The Belle Meade plantation  
The stables for their carriage horses

 Boots, boots and more boots   
  The Main Street – Broadway  
Guitar outside the Grand Ol Oprey. This was where all the country stars performed. We drove out there it see the museum but unfortunately they had a flood in 2010 and destroyed the museum. The concert hall was saved and famous country stars apparently still perform there.

  Broadway St at night. One of the cool things about this street was that some of the bars were on the rooftop.

Me and my toffee apple! This sweet shop rocked! 

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