St Louis

St LouisWell we really only came here because we were trying to see an NFL game and St Louis vs Pittsburgh Steelers fit the bill more due to location and timing rather than anything else, but even so we were pretty excited.
St Louis is most famous for its gateway arch and as we drove into the city it loomed up in front of us and was pretty impressive. Unfortunately the park around the arch was undergoing some major reconstruction but nonetheless it was still worth seeing.
Another sign we saw on arrival was one advertising a BBQ competition to be held over the weekend, lucky us! Now this was certainly worth a visit and while we had been lucky enough to have had some great BBQs over the last few weeks we thought we could fit one more in. Turns out we have been spoilt and we could have thought of half a dozen places which should have been represented in the competition but it was still good.
Sunday was game day and we went down a little early to the stadium to soak up the atmosphere, and it was great. We started off as Rams supporters but the guys sitting next to us were Steelers fans so we decided to switch! Plus the Steelers were the better side but mostly because of the “terrible towels” which were a yellow towel the size of a golf towel and all the fans swirled them above their heads during the game. They had a spare so we were in!
The game itself wasn’t the best but the atmosphere was great and the stadium was very impressive, 66,000 capacity and with a domed roof meant that even though it wasn’t full the noise was still electric. One of the other amazing things was that there was also a baseball game on in town, and after our game finished we wandered down towards the baseball and luckily found a bar where you could see into the ground, just in time to see a couple of home runs, brilliant.
By this time we had met up with another guy, Fabian, who knew of a good oyster bar in town so off we went. While the oyster bar was good it certainly put us in the right area of town, and once again we got to experience some great music and ended up having a great evening. T

The Gateway Arch really does look very impressive.

Some thing to get the tastebuds going!

The Edward Jones Dome stadium in St Louis.

The view of the Cardinals from the bar.

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