Ozarks National Park

After leaving St. Louis with slightly sore heads we decided to head a little further south to the Ozarks National Park for our last bit of camping. 
The park was again deserted and we ended up with our little section pretty much all to ourselves again. The weather wasn’t that great on arrival so instead of the canoe trip we had planned we went for a little hike to some springs which feed into the river system. They were so vividly blue!
The next day saw blue skys but Baltic temperatures. It was 8 when we ventured out of our tent! But we decided to continue with our plan off canoeing down the river. It was definitely worth it! The water was the clearest we have ever seen while canoeing down and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The highlight was coming across two bald headed Eagles on separate occasions. They look so regal and intelligent! 
To cap off the end of the camping experience we have fully mastered the art of schmores!! On the way back to Chicago we stopped off at a Salvation Army store and reluctantly said goodbye to all our extra camping stuff. The tent served us very well. We are obviously keeping our sleeping bags and mattresses for some trekking trips in South America. S

One of the springs. You can see how blue and clear the water is.

 The view from the overlook at another of the springs. You can’t see the water but there was a cute little mill built around it. Very quaint.


It’s Autumn!

  The hard worker out the front! Haha only nearly capsized us once!  
There were turtles everywhere.


One of the Eagles. Photo certainly doesn’t do them justice.

 The view near our tent one crisp morning!

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