Miami Beach

I’m So we have spent the last bit our trip organizing the next phase as well as enjoying some time in Miami and we managed to score a cool hotel right near south beach.

Flying into Miami was pretty exciting as it is one of those cities we had seen lots of on tv and it was great to see it all unfold from the air.
Unfortunately while Miami has had some highlights it has also had some lowlights too but we won’t dwindle on those. Just to say that everything has been very expensive and there have been lots of “hidden costs” and surprising additions to bills. It’s hard not to have that feeling that you are being conned all the time.
Plus it’s one of those places where there aren’t a whole load of attractions, the bus tour of the city didn’t exactly reveal a lot about the place in fact it’s difficult to say what we actually got to see!
But then of course there are some definite positives. The Art Deco buildings around Miami beach are really very cool and it’s absolutely brilliant walking along the streets looking at all the intricacies in the architecture. They are all protected by law so even if buildings are renovated the exteriors have to maintain their look so the whole area looks great.
We also had a great lunch in Little Havana and it has certainly wetted our appetite for the real Havana, can’t wait.
The main attraction in Miami is the beach and to be fair it was pretty spectacular. In particular the sea was just fantastic, it was a beautiful turquoise colour and it was great to swim without the waves.
All in all I guess Miami is a place where people come to look at each other and get suntanned, two things we aren’t that into so while it was pleasant to visit it won’t make many highlight reels for us.
On to the next adventure!! T

The hotel where we were staying just one block off of south beach.

Some examples of the cool Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach.

The entrance way to Little Havana, English was definitely the second language around here.  Certainly made you realise that Cuba was only 91 miles away.

A really cool looking lifeguard tower, the whole way up and the beach they were all different.

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