Top American Memories

Over our time in the USofA I have tried to write down just a few of the special things we have been able to enjoy.  These are in no particular order of importance and I just thought I would write some short reminders for us in the future. T

The first night in New York when we set off in hope of finding a great bar, and got lucky when we stumbled upon the Redhead and had great old fashions.
The queue for the deep pan pizza in Chicago at …… Then enjoying the pizza and the stuffed starter
Standing on the top of the Empire State Building and looking out over the city.
Seeing the first food vans and getting a great burrito in Santa Monica California.
Driving up to the North West corner of Yellowstone and parking up on the side of the road and watching the Bison.
Hiking up to the top of Devil’s Lair in Black Hills and looking across at the cathedral spires
Having the best slice of pizza in New York at the artichoke pizza place.
Arriving in Manhatten after catching the Staton Ferry back and forth for free.
Having the BBQ dinner at the campsite at hot springs and chatting to the locals afterwards
Camping at Cape Perpetua. Although we didn’t have showers the magic forest setting and the way the campsites were so private made for a fantastic 2 days.
Going for a walk from the campsites at Perpetua through the magical forest, but up that massive hill. Great warm up for a beer.
Having the first IHOP breakfast, where we both got what we wanted, Sarah’s pancakes and my fry up (of course with extra pancakes)
The feeling of setting off in the car out of Chicago. A road trip had begun.
The feeling of achievement after camping successfully for a few nights through a storm or two. The self inflating mattresses and the sleeping bags were lifesavers.
Going to Yankee stadium and watching the baseball. Even if it was a bit of a boring game.
Walking through Central Park. The enormity of the place was pretty mind blowing.
Going to the googenheim in NY. The building itself is worth a trip.
Going to the House of Blues bar and watching Mississippi Heat
Walking around Washington with some serious heat. We were thanking our lucky stars that we got great weather in NY or else we wouldn’t have seen so many sites on foot.
Seeing Crater Lake in Oregon, again a sight that just looked unreal the blue of the water was something else.
Arriving at shady cove, just after we had decided that we fancied a rest day in a cabin next to a river!! And finding this delightful place
Seeing the bald eagle swoop down on the river at shady cove. And being taken away by its size and dominant appearance 
Listening to the guitarists at the shady cove community center along with meeting Dave and Ginger.
The whole experience of being and going to Oregon, a great state, and very lucky that we decided to go.
The coastal drive from Newport in Oregon to San Francisco. Constantly experiencing great views both over the water and inland.
Walking around Mission in San Fran looking at the murals
Vegas…the whole four nights were great! Just a great party town.
Arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge after driving down route 1 to a perfectly clear day and great view of San Fran and the bridge.
The nights out in Vegas, especially the first night at the Flamingo and the night at Freemont St
Seeing the huge redwood trees after our expedition off the beaten track to the Lost Coast and then somehow ending up at the avenue of the Giants 
Seeing Ka and O in Vegas, great performances and fantastic stages!
The light show at Freemont St in Las Vegas
Winning the $100 on the last spin of the $1 I put in to get a free drink
The campsite at the north rim of the Grand Canyon what a spectacular evening and wondrous view
The hike around Bryce Canyon, just felt like we were on another planet
The view of Bryce from inspiration point after we had just arrived
The tours around upper and lower antelope canyon…never seen anything like it just amazing photos and visually stunning.
Spending a couple of days relaxing in Page in and amongst the red canyons, desert and the magnificently blue lake Powell.
Big John’s BBQ in Page with the trestle tables, live band and the huge smokers on the sidewalks…”If you smoke it they will come”
The hike down to the bottom of Canyon De Chelly to see the white house. It was like a little Utopia.
The walk through Carlsbad Caves. The sheer size of them was mind blowing.
Sequoia national park and the fires and the smoke hanging in the air while Kings Canyon was closed.
The huge trees at Sequoia national park, just driving and walking through the park in wonderment.
Having at night out at CC’s bar in San Fran. Meeting Eric the bartender and him not charging us a cent after a great night.
Eating our clam chowder and seafood bisque overlooking Fishermans Wharf in San Fran
Driving through Death Valley and both feeling slightly odd as the temperatures hit 117! Then deciding to go for a walk
Arriving at the small country fair in Texas and getting the run down on BBQing and then getting the low down on where the best BBQs in the area were from the man in the dungarees
Coopers BBQ in Llano, just thinking about it gets my mouth watering.
The number of live bands playing even mid week in Austin 
Going out in Austin and discovering the bar on the roof with the bean bag game
Walking around New Orleans the buildings were really very cool and really gave the place a unique charm
The music in bars and streets of New Orleans we got to enjoy some fantastic music
The trip on the Atchafalaya Bayou in a small boat with our guide seeing a couple of alligators and plenty of wildlife. The bayou was absolutely spectacular
How great the guides were at the Atchafalaya visitor center 
Staying in the cabins in Louisiana and going to the local bar to see the band.
How great it was camping and enjoying being outside!!! Also the slight worried feeling when we were sleeping in bear country!! Would they be deterred by our tent or would one be outside when we woke up for a pee!!
The fact that the bears target eskies so we had to hide ours in the car
The sneaky raccoons just looking as if they were up to no good
Going to Greenville to see the blues festival and being more or less the only two white people in the crowd. The music and the heat was incredible
Clarksdale as a whole!! Red’s lounge and the music and the whole atmosphere. All in all the best blues experience ever!
Buying the harmonica from Deak in his lounge/shop where James Cotton himself had sat and played.
Memphis and Nashville, more music. And more great experiences. Just amazing to see so many bands and for free too!!
The whole music trail from Austin to New Orleans up through Mississippi to Memphis and Nashville, just absolutely the best experience
Canoeing down the Ozark river way and seeing the bald eagles
Watching the NFL in St Louis great game and great night
Having lunch in Little Havana and really starting to feel excited about the South American part of the trip
Swimming in the beautiful sea at Miami beach wonderful colour and no waves!

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