Buses in a Brazilian Heatwave

Well our romanticism of bus rides is officially over. As I am writing this we are two hours into what we think is the first of three buses we are going to have to catch in order to get to Foz du Iguazu. 
We are currently going through a heat wave in this area and so we were looking forward to relaxing on a comfy bus in the air con and getting some sleep in. Unfortunately as we were waiting for the bus to leave we asked the bus driver “air conditionado?” pointing at the bus and boy did he laugh as he shook his head at us!!!
Well we are not laughing now, it’s bloody hot, the last temp we saw was 39 degrees and the trickle of cool air is doing nothing to help, coupled with that the road system seems to have taken a turn for the worst and we are definitely on the “stopper”
Still this is traveling, and for some unknown reason I have stopped sweating which is fabulous so the plan is to see if we can just get ourselves to the falls by tomorrow morning!!
The bizarre thing is is that I was trying to face time Kelly this morning for her birthday and right at this point in time that kind of technology seems a long long way away. We are certainly in the depths of Brazil now.
(Written later) After our first stop things improved and the next bus we bought a ticket for (they are all different bus companies so you have to buy seperate tickets each time and with the amount of paperwork involved in buying a bus ticket this certainly kills a large amount of your waiting time) was an “executivo!” Air conditioning and comfy seats so we both slept the whole way through the night until we awoke at our next change.
Here we had a stroke of luck although did not help for the image of the “gringo” unfortunately.  
We arrived and went to find the company who sold the tickets to Foz do Iguazu and promptly found the lady, who asked us to wait while she ducked out the back. No problem, two things we didn’t know or understand at this point, 1 was that the clocks had changed so my watch was reading an hour too slow. 2 was that she had gone out of the office to get the bus to wait for us to be able to get on!!!
Well after both of our cards wouldn’t work in her machine we eventually coughed up the cash and then were guided towards the bus by a porter, who did seem to be in a little bit of a hurry! But I put our bags on the bus and then seeing as I thought we had 30 mins to wait (or so I thought) Sarah went to the toilet and I went and stood at the cafe ordering some coffees for us. Well considering they had been waiting for a good 15 mins already and were now half an hour late, I can see now how the sight of me stood casually drinking a coffee at the cafe would have caused all the sudden shouting!  
But with Sarah still in the toilet, the bus left! With our bags! At this point I got a little worried and while everyone was talking and trying to explain in Portuguese, luckily a passer by spoke a little English and explained that the bus would be waiting the other side of the bus terminal and there was a guy there who was going to walk us around when Sarah was ready. It was at about this point that I noticed a clock, whoops we felt awful but we hope we managed to convey how sorry we were.  

As they say alls well that ends well and we arrived 18 hours after we started at the Falls.

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