Public swimming pool, Brazilian style

Today was going to be a relaxing day as we had been going pretty hard for a while. We had been told that just down the road there was a public swimming hole, this seemed relaxing enough so we hired some bikes and off we went. We were meeting Silvia and Werner there, a couple from Austria we met at the Pantanal, who are doing a similar trip to us around South America just the other way around.
The trip there was not too bad and took us around half an hour, though the temperature was around 40 degrees so we were both sweating by the time we got there. When we pulled up you had to produce a voucher that you purchased in town in order to get in. We had left it at home…….. Tim pleaded with the man pretty much by saying please in Portuguese 10 times with puppy dog eyes and sweat dripping down his face. Needless to say the man could not refuse and let us in!
The place was really very cool with a river and lots of grass and shade areas along the bank to relax. The river was very clear and full of fish that were obviously used to being hand fed so they congregated all around you when in the water. People were putting flowers on a sick and then holding it about 10 cms above the water and the fish were jumping out to grab it. Very entertaining!
The bike ride back was not that much fun as it was mostly uphill and into the wind but we managed. Made harder as well because we found out that for the same price we could have hired a private driver for the trip! S

A few snaps of the place, the highlight really was being able to float about 100m down the river in the icy cold water.  But the place had restaurants and lifeguards and everything.  It was called the Balneario Municipal.


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