Absolutely Brilliant Brazil

Again in no particular order just some phrases to remind me of the great stuff in Brazil. A wonderful country and one we could definitely spend a lot more time in. Great people.
Arriving at our hostel in Rio, had we gone too cheap?
Having our beers on the harbourside in Botofogo looking over the water towards Christ the Redeemer, illuminated on top of the hill
Stuffing ourselves silly at the Brazilian BBQ.
Seeing the Toucans on top of the pylons outside our hostel on day one
Arriving at Buzios and walking down to the water and realizing that we had arrived in some kind of paradise 
The hustle and bustle of Lapa, and having our day where we started in Buzios, bus to Rio, walk around the town center, seeing the tiled staircase, traditional Feijoada dinner, Samba then Maracana for Football.
Being pleasantly surprised as to how nice the bus trip was.
Arriving at Campo Grande, expecting to be mobbed by people offering trips to the Pantenal but finding no one there
The stay at the Pantenal, the great activities, the wildlife and mostly just the experience of feeling like we were staying in the middle of nowhere
The incredible heat in the Pantenal area
Snorkeling down the Rio de Plata, so unbelievably clear an absolute highlight.
The Macaws just incredibly good looking birds.
The cafes on just about every pavement.  
Sharing a cold beer and empanadias, just perfect.
How welcoming everyone was, and although there was usually a huge language barrier, lots of smiles seemed to work wonders. On both sides.
The falls, just spectacular. The first glimpse is something I will never forget.
The coffee, strong and sweet. Just perfect, and available just about everywhere.
Walking around the favalas, certainly an eye opening experience to see so close how they live in the slums.
Really eye opening in general seeing the poverty on show
Seeing football everywhere on every TV in every cafe.
Seeing the different animals, the anteater, the monkeys, the capybaras, the piranhas, the toucans just to name but a few great to see something I have never seen before. T

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