Foz do Iguazu

After our 3 stop bus trip we were a little groggy and not with it, but we were going to Argentina the next day so we had to see the falls that day. 
We caught the bus out to the falls and off we went. The bus cost us the equivalent of $2 so we were pretty chuffed with that. Words cannot describe the massiveness and sheer beauty of the falls. You start at one point and then walk about 1.2kms along the river stopping at several view points. Every view point you were looking at showed a different point of the falls. They are that big that we couldn’t get a photo of the whole falls. The best thing about the falls is that it is not just one fall but lots separated by trees and rocks and then also lots of different tiers.
Towards the end of the trail there were lots of people putting on their rain jackets. I put mine on and Tim was happy to get wet as it was pretty hot. The reason for the rain jackets was that the path actually crossed over the river and snaked all the way to the edge of one part of the falls. It was phenomenal! It is hard to comprehend the sheer mass of water that tumbles over the falls every second. 
Tim and I were both saying that it is one of the best things we have ever seen! Can’t wait for the Argentinian side! 
After the falls we decided to have one last Brazilian BBQ as it was our last night in Brazil. We managed to find a place just around the corner for $10 each that had awesome food and even Tim had to tell them to stop bringing out the meat for him! S

Our first view of the falls

As you can see everywhere you look as you walk along the platforms it just gets better and better.

These shots show just how close you get to the falls! Pretty amazing


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