San Telmo and surrounds

We have certainly covered some klms in this city, but it really is a very exciting city to walk around, there is so much character in all the buildings. We find ourselves discovering new things even as we walk down the same streets.
Apart from having the widest avenue in the world there aren’t many sights which we actually knew before hand. There are loads and loads of monuments and stately buildings however, but as we wandered around we were certainly aware that there wasn’t an Eiffel Tower or a Big Ben or a Statue of Liberty.
The main thing that has surprised us is just how expensive Buenos Aires is. For most things it is more expensive than Australia!! Things like petrol, food, plane tickets are all as expensive if not more so. Yet public transport is far cheaper. It is a strange situation as everyone has two or three prices displayed, in Argentinian Pesos, the Real and US dollars.  
In fact if you pay in US dollars then the current exchange rate is 16:1 rather than the 9.5:1 listed officially. Unfortunately no deals can be done with the AUS $.
We have heard that you can withdraw US$ in Uruguay so as I am writing this we are catching the ferry over to Colonia to catch the bus to Montevideo. Not just for the cash, I am actually quite excited to see what Uruguay has to offer. T

The view from our room at Che Lagarto

The main square in San Telmo

The area is full of streets like this, the architecture is fantastic in its variety, Art Deco sitting right next door to French baroque architecture.  And all with an Argentinian feel.


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