Meeting the extended family

At the same time my grandfather immigrated to Australia, 3 of his brothers also immigrated to Argentina. I often wonder what it would have been like for them at the time, leaving the family and if they knew they would not see each other again. It’s crazy thinking about it and knowing that you have family on the other side of the world that you have never met. So when we knew we were going to Argentina we decided to try and get in contact with the family over there. 
We got in contact and had dinner with Alfredo, his wife Cristina and their three children Maria, Catalina and Pili. Alfredo is my second cousin as his grandfather was my grandfather’s brother (confusing I know, we had to draw a family tree to sort it out). They took us to a very cool little restaurant in San Isidro where we had some awesome Argentinian cuisine including juicy steaks!  During dinner we found out that Alfredo in his spare time is a sculptor and showed us some of his work and I must say we were very impressed! The whole family seems to have inherited his flare for creativity.
It was really wonderful to be able to get in contact with them, Facebook can be a wonderful tool sometimes! We really appreciated the effort they went to for us, especially Pili as she was our go to girl for organizing the event. Tim is very excited as Pili produces a radio station which showcases a lot of local up and coming acts so is very keen to get a heads up on all the new acts. The family also gave me a beautiful necklace made by the native people of Argentina with the design meaning the coming together of all the people. It is really special piece and I am very appreciative. It was really great getting to know all about them and we hope to see them all soon in Australia for a visit. S 


Front: Tim, myself, Alfredo, Cristina

Back: Maria, Catalina, Pili


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