Eating well in Uruguay 

The first Uruguayan delicacy we discover was quite by accident but boy were we happy about it. Asado is basically a form of BBQ. The center piece of which is a log fire which is burnt down to produce the coals to cook over an a large grill which is often angled over the coals to give a variety of heating options.
The best bits I have had have been the blood sausage and the chorizo, just fantastic but to be fair the steaks have been really good too! For sides we have noticed that fries seem to be the most popular, although they are often hand cut which is a bit nicer. We have had some grilled capsicum and roasted potato and sweet potato too which is nice.

The second Uruguayan delicacy we also stumbled upon by accident and was done in our usual way of not understanding anything on the menu and so blindly pointing at a couple of items which look exciting. So we picked Chivito which I presume is the Spanish for “heart attack on a plate”. 
They start with a mountain of fries and then place a steak on top of it, on this goes some cheese and then about an inch of bacon and ham on which is some more cheese and a fried egg! Oh and I almost forgot, some lettuce and a slice of tomato. Luckily we ordered two!! T

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