Far too quick, Uruguay 

So glad that we decided to spend a few days in Uruguay. Even though we have only had four nights here we have really enjoyed ourselves.
We were told by Alfredo that Uruguayans were like Argentinians after they had taken a couple of Valium!! You can almost see it as soon as you get off the boat. Life here certainly seems to be undertaken at a slightly slower pace. But with that comes a certain charm about the place, we noticed that people seem content just to wait and queue for things to happen. I will admit that it’s been some good training for me.
The hardest was when we were sat in a restaurant and had to say to each other that if we hadn’t hit menus within 15mins we would go elsewhere!! But as we looked around the place we realised that everyone was in the same boat.
As we have mentioned before there is a certain charm about both Montevideo and Colonia, it’s not just the old buildings but the people as well add to the beauty of the place. It would have been great to have explored a bit more of the country, but we think we might have got the best bits as from what I have read there is a lot of farmland and not too much else the further inland you go.
I wouldn’t say that Uruguay was stuck in the past either though, because in and amongst the old buildings there are some newer ones too with quite cutting edge designs and we have also seen a few wind farms and solar panels too! In fact the bus we caught from Montevideo to Colonia actually had wifi on it!!
Another strange thing we noticed was that every time we paid by card here the bill seemed to go down by about 20%! Well it didn’t take us long to work out that we were going to pay for everything by card. But it’s actually the case that the Tax added is 22% but if you pay with a foreign credit card this is deducted from the bill! Great stuff.
So all in all a really great place to visit so glad we decided to take the short ferry over the river mouth! T

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