Day 2 @ Torres Del Paine 

Day 2 of Torres Del Paine and I must admit we woke up broken. After the hike yesterday my knees had swollen up big time and I could hardly bend them. We actually entertained the idea of just catching the bus back out of the park back to the hostel where we were staying at instead of going further into the park and attempting some more of the W circuit. But we checked with the Rangers who told us that the weather was going to be fine and after some discussion we decided to man up and continue on. Now I must say that most people instead of catching the bus and ferry to the next campsite actually walk with all their gear on their backs and it takes them all day. But in our defense we only had 2 and a half days and hadn’t really prepared ourselves for that. Thank god we started doing some exercise about a month ago or else I really don’t think I would have made the hike yesterday. 
So off we went to the next site which consisted of a bus trip and a ferry ride. On the way we discussed our options. One was to do the middle leg of the W circuit which although was apparently easier than the hike yesterday was going to take an extra 2 hours and as we were arriving late we would not make the round trip in time. It must also be said that we would not have made it physically either!  So that was taken off the list. Instead we completed a hike around the lake to a panoramic view that although was not on the W circuit was absolutely breathtaking! Made even more so because the whole 3 hours we were out there we saw 2 other people. The landscape is jaw droopingly beautiful and so rugged and harsh. On the top of the view point the wind picked up a little and we got our first taste of the changeable Patagonian weather. But apparently that was nothing compared to what the wind can unleash out there. It can be so strong that it is difficult to stand at certain exposed points.
When we got back, as we had a few hours up our sleeve we sat back and enjoyed a bottle of Chilean red overlooking the lake back at the Refugio. You can tell we are new to this trekking business as most people had dehydrated food in their bags and we had 2 bottles of red wine 😀. S 


The view from short walk from the bus stop to the ferry

 Just one of the spectacular views from the ferry 

  All the backpacks stacked expertly on the ferry across.


On the walk around the lake. It is the same lake we crossed on the ferry.

 The combination of colours are so beautiful. 

 The view from the lookout. This is where the wind picked up quite substantially 


On the way home. Although we walked the same track, coming back looking at the mountains and bays made it seem like a different hike

 More dead trees. Somehow so beautiful and very fitting for the landscape

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