Day 3 @ Torres Del Paine

Day three of our hiking trip found us waking up once again with fairly sore legs, but at least it was dry and we set off on a short half day hike to try and get at least a glimpse of Glacier Grey before we had to catch our boat to begin our return journey to Puerto Natales.
We started off at a fairly slow pace up the valley towards the glacier and were enjoying the views so much that we suddenly realised that we had to get a bit of a wriggle on if we were going to make it up and back in time!
But we made it easily, and the views along the way again were amazing. This is certainly a truly wonderful national park and we have felt that each day has been full of adventure and superb views from start to finish.
Even the journey back on the catamaran and the bus had us glued to the windows looking out at the scenery. The only sad bit about it was that we didn’t allocate enough time to do the W! We did though get to see a fair bit of the area and were definitely very very impressed. T

Home sweet home.  Pitched as close to the hillside as possible to protect us from the wind

The valley at the start of our journey up to the glacier. 

A lake we skirted around, complete with icebergs and snow capped mountain backdrop!!  Just amazingly beautiful rugged scenery.

Done it, we got our quick glimpse of the Glacier Grey before we had to rush back for the boat.

A Guanaco posing for us, a type of Llama common to the area

The views from the boat back were just amazing the scenes just kept coming and coming.

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