Bus trip to Ushuaia….. The end of the world!

So maybe we should have done a little bit of research into this bus trip. We knew it was to the end of the world but we thought it may have been paved all the way…. Not so. About 3 hours into a 14 hour trip we stopped, caught a ferry across one of the inlets, where the crossing was a little choppy. We could see the buses swaying on the other side of the boat and were glad to not be in them! We then re entered the bus and continued our trip…….on a dirt road. The bus rattled and jolted along, filling the cabin with a cloud of dust. When we hit the border about 2 hours later the road thankfully became paved again. Thank you Argentina! 

The trip down consisted of lots of sheep, no trees and grass until we were about 2 hours out and then things got a little more interesting. Trees started appearing with this moss looking stuff covering them and snow capped mountains started getting closer. We then drove over the mountains, around a few lakes and then into Ushuaia. The town nestled into the base of the mountains with Canal De Beagle in front. S

The ferry across.

 It looks nice and sunny and warm but the wind cut right through you


The view from the bus for hours. 

 It’s the Lone Ranger! No just a farmer looking over his flock. It is lambing season so we got to see hundreds of lambs which was very cute

 The moss I was talking about on the trees

One of the stunning views driving into the town through Terrea Del Fuego

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