Argentina. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Iguazu falls and the Moreno glacier have to be two of the most truly amazing sights I have ever seen. Couple that with the Patagonia region and we have been incredibly lucky to have seen so much of what this country has to offer.
Topping it of with a quick visit to the Lake District and I think we both agreed that we could have spent months exploring the countryside of Argentina.
The cities and the towns haven’t been overly inspiring as a whole. Buenos Aires didn’t grab us straight away and it’s funny because as we have travelled around we have chatted to loads of others who also didn’t really like the capital either. Not to say that there was anything wrong with the place it just didn’t quite feel right, maybe down to the fact that it has been modelled on European cities? Or maybe because in a huge city of dog lovers no one seems to have ever picked up after their dog?
In fact rubbish has been an unfortunate theme of the country and its really sad to see so much rubbish is just left to blow around in the wind often in areas of staggering natural beauty.
The only other slight on the visit has been the expense. Particularly the hotels, sight seeing tours and the food which have been all surprisingly expensive. Coupled with that are the money issues in that although they like to charge western prices often establishments are unable to process cards. To be fair we have been able to use cards in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia and all better value.
The lottery of getting money from ATMs is interesting too, firstly if there is not a huge cue at an ATM then there is no money in it. Then you are unable to take more than 1000 pesos out for which you get charged 58 pesos. But you can keep taking out 1000 time after time you just get charged for it each time. This leaves you feeling a little conned but oh well I guess.
The feeling of being conned doesn’t really sit well with me and fair enough I am not from South America, but most people I am meeting are relying on me spending money in order to survive (maybe that’s a little egotistic). But unfortunately there have been quite a few occasions when we have felt that we needed to apologize for the inconvenience of us staying in someone’s hostel, going on a tour or eating at a restaurant. It’s not that I expect the red carpet to be laid out its just that in every other country we have visited we have enjoyed smiles and a feeling of being welcome. To be fair not 100% of the time but enough for it resonate strongly.
The wine here has been utterly fantastic though and very cheap too so we have certainly enjoyed sampling some Malbec. The wines are all generally a lot more subtle than those in Australia which has been a really nice difference.
The steaks…well not exactly as cheap and as good as we had been lead to believe. Maybe we have been unlucky but up until the last night when we decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal we hadn’t really found or eaten any good steak let alone great.
The find food wise has been the blood sausage and the chorizos which have been truly delicious. Cheap and really tasty along with the empanadas they have made up most of our sustenance. There is still a bit of a lottery as to what’s actually in the empanadas when we order, but we are gradually learning.
On the whole we have had a fantastic time again, particularly enjoying the hiking and the great out doors and would definitely come on another hiking trip here. The thing to do would be to bring a whole heap of US$ T

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