Top Argentinian Experiences

Starting with a magical walk around the falls at Iguazu will always be pretty difficult to top.
Walking around Puerto Iguazu and discovering the market and the restaurants lining the street.
Watching the semi final of the Rugby World Cup, Australia vs Argentina. On Election Day in a cafe in Puerto Iguazu. There was meant to be an alcohol ban in the country but the owner decided we could all enjoy a beer and the game. 
Going out to San Isidro to meet Sarah’s extended family. A really great evening.
Watching the Tango show in a small little bar on the Playa de Mayo.
Walking around and around Buenos Aires admiring all the European inspired architecture.
The flight down to El Calafate where we had superb visibility and the pilot was pointing out all the sights.
Seeing the front face of the Moreno glacier, absolutely awe inspiring, especially listening to all the cracking and watching the huge chunks falling off.
Watching the flamingoes just outside El Calafate from the bird watching hut.
Dinner with Saurabh and Arturro in El Calafate, eating Patagonia specialties of lamb and trout.
The boat trip in Ushuaia out to see the lighthouse, cormorants, sea lions and the Penguins.
All the bus trips we have done,some easier than others but we have certainly put in some hours on the buses!
Trying to make dinner in Ushuaia with our great room, just lacking in the kitchen department with just having a microwave
The feeling of being at the end of the world in Ushuaia 
Getting lost on the hike down from the glacier in Ushuaia and having to cross the river
The hiking in El Chalten, truly remarkable three days of hiking with some wondrous views.
Getting holed up for the day because of the weather in our train carriage in El Chalten, drinking wine and playing canasta
The weather in El Chalten, snow, wind, rain and blue skies all in one day
Bariloche – not enough time unfortunately but still had a great time especially the hiking to the top of the mountain
The dinners in Bariloche, enjoying trout with mushroom sauce and wild boar delicious and a real ski resort/mountain feel about the place 
Wine tasting at Vista Alba in Mendoza. Including the convoluted way we got there via public transport and an extended walk
The superb backdrop of the Andes as we were in and around Mendoza 
The absolutely superb meal we treated ourselves to on the last night at Anna bistro. Sitting outside in the garden eating great steaks and great wine, exactly what we imagined Mendoza to be

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