Scary Flight Take 2 (Take 1 Was Enough)

We woke in the morning, both a bit apprehensive (shit scared) of our impending flight to La Paz. The flight over here had been pretty terrifying. The plane was absolutely tiny with two propellers and not only did it jolt up and down and side to side it twisted as well. I think I have left a handprint in my seat from the first flight!
Coupled with the tiny plane the flight itself is pretty scary, climbing from sea level in the jungle, over a mountain range before landing at 4000m in El Alto.
We arrived at the office for the airline in town where we checked in and then all got put on a bus and told that there was maintenance being done on the runway so we were going to drive to another airport. Two airports in such a small town we thought!!
Well after over an hour of driving along mud roads we arrived at our destination. An airport it wasn’t, a building next to a narrow sandy landing strip was what it was.
We arrived just in time to see the plane taking off and were informed that there was a delay so we were going to have to wait two hours while the plane flew to La Paz and back.
Our minds were already racing and it was a pretty anxious wait but we really had little option we had to get out of the jungle and the boat would take 4-8 days and the bus 17hours including a drive up death road!! Sarah’s thoughts were that it was like ripping off a band aid better to do it quickly!!! 
We all boarded the plane and set off down our bumpy runway to the end where the plane got stuck trying to turn around!! Not what we needed! But after revving the propellers a bit we got out of the rut and were soon on our way.
To be fair the flight was so much better than the one out but the amazing thing was that we just climbed and climbed and climbed. There was a fair amount of cloud cover and the next thing we knew we were circling the airport and coming into land.
Quick lunch and change into our warm clothes at the airport then we had to catch a taxi to the bus station. Should have been a breed but for the taxi misunderstanding “terminal de autobus” for miraflores stadium. So at one point we weren’t sure what was going on but he seemed like a nice guy and got us there in the end.
The bus we caught was actually the last bus available and was more of a three quarter bus than a full one but they seemed to have managed to cram the same number of seats in. So it wasn’t a comfortable 4hr journey but was certainly entertaining.
The views were again spectacular and a beautiful sunset over the lakes. The real highlight occurred when we stopped in a town and everyone got out so we followed and the soon worked out that we were to cross the lake by ferry. The photos below tell the story as a series of small barges transport the vehicles back and forwards while the passengers caught tiny little wooden speedboats.
It was while huddled from the cold in the front of one of the speedboats that we had a laugh with each other, what an incredible day of transport so far and we weren’t even at Copacobana yet!
After getting dropped off by the bus, which was by now giving off huge plumes of black smoke from its exhaust, in the centre of Copacobana we decided to walk the last leg to the hostel. It was quite a surreal place and wasn’t exactly as described online. There wasn’t actually any wifi and the shower times were limited to two periods of two hours a day. So we had a choice dinner or shower.
Dinner it was and by this time I think we would have eaten anything, but luckily a lady and her husband were prepared to stay open for us to enjoy some soup and trout, just delicious.
What a day. T

This is the “airport” not exactly what we wanted to settle the nerves

Sarah commented how much bigger the plane looked when we saw it in the jungle, and not next to any normal sized planes.

The view of the runway as we were stuck in a rut trying to turn around. This coupled with a cross wind left me pretty scared.

Dover to Calais Bolivian style.

Now this is a good idea, free recharge locations.  Not sure how much of this photo passes Australian Electrical Safety Laws.

Lucky to find one stall open.

Our reward. A fantastic view of Lake Titicaca.

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